Sunshine Nursery School

OUR SCHOOL Parental Involvement


Parents are expected to:

  • Provide a healthy, nutritious snack for their child.
  • Be available as extra help for special events such as field trips.
  • Inform the teacher of any pick-up changes by either phone or writing.
  • Provide "indoor" non-slip shoes or slippers for their child.
  • Inform the school of any person to whom their child should not be discharged. If there is a restraining order, a copy must be on file with the school.
  • Label their child's belongings with their name.
  • Inform the teacher if their child won't be in class, especially if their child is ill with a communicable disease. Note that sick children will not be accepted into the class. If the parent chooses not to immunize their child, the child may be required to stay home if a communicable disease is suspected in the school.
  • Pick up their children on time.

Please note that prompt pick up of the children is essential.


Communication between the teaching staff and the parents is most important. Parents are welcome to observe and participate in our program.

At Sunshine Nursery School we encourage parents to stay with their children, when they first start school, until the child feels comfortable with the parent leaving.

Should you wish to discuss anything with the teaching staff we suggest you make arrangements with them before or after class or at a more convenient time for both parties when there are fewer interruptions.