Sunshine Nursery School

OUR SCHOOL School Policies

Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

Drop-off and Pick-up Policy: Sunshine Nursery School

For safety purposes, children are only released to their parents or individuals on the Emergency Contact Form. If someone other than a parent will be picking up their child, please ensure their name is on the Emergency Contact Form and that they bring a valid photo ID.

If anyone other than the child's parent or individuals on the Emergency Contact Form is picking up the child the child's teacher must be notified beforehand. The person accompanying the child to school must bring them into the classroom.

Snack Policy

Each child is to provide a snack of their own. It should be nutritious but CANNOT CONTAIN NUTS OR NUT BUTTER OF ANY KIND.

Please keep snacks in small servings and do not include foods such as popcorn, nuts, hard candy, whole grapes, or food which may cause your child to choke.

Please include a water or juice bottle instead of a juice or kool-aid box.

Show and Tell

Should your child wish to bring something special to show or share with the other children please do so. At Sunshine Nursery School we do not believe in scheduling a "show and tell". We encourage and much prefer spontaneity.

Disipline Policy

  • If necessary for disciplinary reasons, the staff caring for the children will take positive action to help direct a child's behaviour.
  • Physical or mental punishment from adults will not be tolerated.
  • Each child will be respected as an individual. Each incident will be treated as an individual situation.
  • Reasonable limits will be set for the children. Limits will be stated kindly but firmly.
  • The staff will model acceptable behaviour and help a child regain self-control in difficult situations.
  • Children will be encouraged to learn through the consequence of their behaviour.

Emergency Contacts

Parents must provide current contact information (e.g. phone numbers, addresses) where they can be reached in case of an emergency. At least one alternative contact must be provided in case we cannot get in touch with you. This information must be updated immediately whenever there is a change.