Sunshine Nursery School

OUR SCHOOL Outdoor Program

Outdoor Recreation: Sunshine Nursery School
  • We are the only preschool in Okotoks which has its own, large, on-site, outdoor recreation space for our children.
  • Beside the school we have a large garden where our children learn about flowers, plants, seeds, bird nesting etc.
  • Our garden is fully fenced and gated and safe for our children.
  • In the garden is a picnic table where our children eat their snacks.
  • The courtyard is nestled between Sunshine Nursery School and a beautiful old church.
  • The school is located in the old downtown part of Okotoks, surrounded by picturesque, mature trees.
  • When we're studying the alphabet we walk around our neighbourhood, observing words and letters on store windows, traffic signs and licenses on parked cars.
  • We are also within walking distance of Okotoks Public Library.
  • Our school is just below "Sunshine Hill" where we take gentle hikes during the different seasons. Here we notice the various growth stages of trees, bushes and flowers.
  • From the top of the hill is a beautiful view of Okotoks and the Rocky Mountains.