Sunshine Nursery School

OUR SCHOOL Typical Daily Program

Typical Daily Program: Sunshine Nursery School

Regular Day


Upon entering, teachers meet the children to welcome them and to discuss the team set up. General communication takes place between the teachers and children.


Children choose which activities they would like to do. Teachers encourage children to play at each area since each centre promotes different types of learning.

Group Time:

Children come together as a group. Stories, songs and group games are done at this time.

Washing and Snack Time:

Children wash hands and prepare to have snack. They serve their own snack.

Ready for Home:

Children collect their creations and get ready to go home.

We only run one class at a time. This results in much less disruption and noise for children to cope with than if we ran multi classes at the same time.

We are very flexible in our program planning in order to meet the individual and group needs. Our goal is to provide our children with an environment that is rich in learning materials and ideas. Then the children have the opportunity to initiate their own learning. This approach respects children's ability to learn at their own rate of development and gives them the freedom to explore.

Developing good social skills and learning in a group setting is the best way for children to prepare for kindergarten.


Sunshine Nursery School is a non-denominational pre-school where children of all backgrounds are welcome.

Some themes which we include in our school’s program are Christmas, Mother and Fathers Day, Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween and seasons of the year.

Field Trips

Field trips may be scheduled to various locations in Okotoks, or a visit made to a child's farm or acreage. Parents may suggest field trips to the Sunshine Nursery School staff. Upon approval by a teacher, both the parents and the teacher will work together to organize the field trip.

Field Trip Policy: A one-time signed consent form will be required to allow your child to leave the school premises.

School and individual photographs will be taken in October. After viewing, parents may purchase the photographs if they choose to.