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ABOUT US Philosophy

Playing: Sunshine Nursery School

Providing a caring, sensitive, nurturing and safe environment is our primary goal for your child. It is essential for you to feel confident about entrusting your child in our care.

Preschool gives children the opportunity to mix with other children, learning respect for them, and to form healthy relationships with the adults that care for them. Our philosophy is based on the knowledge that children best develop through play. Play for the preschooler is an avenue for learning and is vital for the healthy all round development of young children.

It is for this reason that a majority of the child's time in class will be spent at different play areas where they will develop a variety of skills in the five important types of growth: Social, Physical, Cognitive, Creative and Emotional. These skills are required to ease your child's transition into the more formal learning in future years. We only run one class at a time in our school. This results in much less disruption and noise for children to cope with than if multi classes were run at the same time.