Sunshine Nursery School

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Sunshine Nursery School

The Sunshine Nursery School is a private preschool, where 3-5 year old children in Okotoks and surrounding areas have been taught for the past 30 years. Over 1400 children have received their early childhood experience from our school. Continuous direction of the school by one person has ensured consistency in teaching philosophy and excellence.

Our school is fully licensed through The Alberta Government and follows their regulations and standards for childcare. These regulations relate to the facility, health, safety and teacher/child ratios.

The school is located in a bright, warm, intimate building with a lot of natural lighting. It was originally used as a church hall and renovated for use as a preschool. No other activities take place in our pre-school space; the building is completely devoted to use as a preschool. It is across a beautiful courtyard from a building previously used as a church.

Our school is widely recognized as a top educational facility for preschool children. For example, Mount Royal College has sent Early Childhood Care and Education students to Sunshine Nursery School for their practicum. We are familiar with and have training in the Reggio Emilia system, which is in the forefront of early childhood education. Artwork produced by our students and photographs of them learning through play at school has been displayed at a "Reggio Emilia Exhibition" in the Nickel Arts Museum located at the University of Calgary.

The Sunshine Nursery School is privately owned and its operation is solely financed by the tuition fees. No fund raising of any kind is required of the parents throughout the year. The single private ownership allows for complete confidentiality of family information.